Joe Montana, Legion Paying Homage

Joe Montana, “The Comeback Kid”.

Lads and Lasses,

Super Bowl LIV is nearly upon us, and as the Chiefs and the 49’ers prepare to do battle for NFL supremacy, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to pay homage to Joe Montana, the greatest who ever played for BOTH of these teams. An icon who won at every level of the sport. Montana made chicken soup MORE famous for its mythical healing prowess after consuming it and leading our Irish from a 22 point deficit with less than 8 minutes remaining in the game to victory in the 1979 Cotton Bowl.

Joe Montana, the man who took the hits and never made excuses. Joe ALWAYS found an open receiver and gave defensive coordinators nightmares over the course of his illustrious 16-year career. Coincidentally, the same jersey number he wore in San Francisco, where he won not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Super Bowls.

In 4 Appearances.

Brady who?

With a list of nicknames longer than those owned by Apollo Creed, you might know him as “Joe Cool”, “The Comeback Kid”, “Bird Legs” (by his teammates in San Francisco), “Golden Joe”, the list goes on. In my humble opinion, he is simply “The Greatest.” As such, I know him by one name: Joe.

Super Bowl XXIII

In Super Bowl XXIII, trailing 16-13 with 3:10 remaining in the game, the 49’ers took over on their own 8-yard line. Inside the huddle, Joe did what Joe does…put everyone at ease. With the game on the line, the mythical one did it again with ice water in his veins.

Looking up into the stands, Joe said to his teammates “Hey, isn’t that John Candy?”

Cool doesn’t describe The Greatest. The 49’ers stormed downfield and capped their comeback with a 10-yard touchdown pass to John Taylor with 39 seconds left to seal the fate of the Bengals.

Joe Cool?

Joe makes Icebergs look hot.

#3 in your Notre Dame programs but #1 in your hearts. In a world of uncertainty, when you’re faced with adversity and obstacles at every turn and life is beating you down…

Be more like Joe.

Sean Buck
Lead Author / Administrator
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