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Looking for a positive online social club that supports the Fighting Irish? Tired of negative Facebook groups? We have the best fans from the four corners of Irish Nation.

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Step into the vibrant spirit and history of our Notre Dame fan community. Learn more about us and experience the camaraderie and traditions that define us. Join a legacy where tradition and passion unite. Begin your discovery with our story.

2024 Tailgate Events

We like to rally the community together for home tailgates at White Field for pre-game festivities. There is nothing better than tailgating with family and friends before game time.

Member Merch

Discover our Club Gear, featuring essential Legion items for every Notre Dame fan. From stylish shirts and hats to cozy hoodies and indoor flags, find the perfect way to show your pride. Explore our collection and join the Legion spirit!

Club Whisky

Experience the essence of our community with our Legion Club’s signature whisky, exclusively crafted for our members. This unique blend captures our heritage and unity, available for purchase through our exclusive online portal. Savor the distinct taste curated for the discerning members of our community. Join us in celebrating our bonds with every exquisite sip.

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