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Legion of the Leprechaun bridges the cultural and geographical gap between Irish fans from across the globe through social media. Ultimately connecting the pathway for Irish fans transforming into a strong family community. In other words, a place relationships can grow and last a lifetime.

The Legion community was founded upon the belief of creating a platform for fans of Notre Dame. We unite fans and family by implementing the core values of the University while creating a culture.

When you become a public fan or a private member,  you will realize that you are home. We embrace the ideals upon which Notre Dame was founded. Each member of our administrative team treats Legion with the same respect and reverence we have for the university.

Our team includes dedicated administrators, moderators, and watchful members. With that said, our team provides an online resource to unite safely, leading to fan-to-fan interaction. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a passionate, respectful, and inspiring atmosphere.

To Notre Dame fans and the Irish community, Legion of the Leprechaun is home. Above all, you will be treated like family and we will defend our home from anyone who brings aggressive negativity. Though we may be on the far side of the world, you’re always welcomed home. In conclusion, we embrace everything that makes the University of Notre Dame special.

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Private Members

Our private members-only community group was created in 2014 and includes 15k+ loyal and respectful members. Enjoy sharing your passion with other ND fans Legion style.

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Public Fans

Follow our public page for a taste of what's inside Legion. Enjoy content from our very own Sean Buck, Martin La Point, Chad Michen, Mike McClure, and Legion's creator Jason M Wood.

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Legion's reputation speaks for itself with over 300 honest recommendations and rated 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook. We strive to be the best and it shows from our members.

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