Don Miller - The Four Horsemen of ND

Don Miller - The Four Horsemen of ND

Don Miller was one of the four legendary football players known as the "Four Horsemen" of Notre Dame. The Four Horsemen, which also included Harry Stuhldreher, Jim Crowley, and Elmer Layden, are considered one of the greatest college football teams of all time and are a symbol of Notre Dame's football tradition.

Miller, who played both offense and defense for the Irish, was a key member of the Four Horsemen. He helped lead the team to a National Championship in 1927 and was a key part of the team's success during their time at Notre Dame.

Off the field, Miller was known for his leadership and dedication to academics. He was a two-time Academic All-American and was involved in several charitable and community service efforts during his time at Notre Dame.

After his playing career, Miller returned to Notre Dame to complete his MBA and later worked in the private sector. He has remained involved with Notre Dame and the football program, serving as a mentor to current players and speaking at various events.

Overall, Don Miller was a respected and successful member of the Four Horsemen and made a lasting impact on the Notre Dame football program. His contributions on and off the field have solidified his place in Notre Dame history.

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