Legion Whiskey

It’s 2021, and it’s time to kick off a new decade of Irish football. To celebrate this special 133rd season, master craft distiller
Roy Anderson teams up with your favorite Irish sports social community club to create a one-of-a-kind collection for the best fan base across the globe.

A high rye bourbon mash with hints of vanilla and chocolate, this 80 proof whiskey is matured in a heavy #4 char New American White Oak barrel and delivers a smooth, smoky flavor. Just like a glistening gold helmet on a Fall Saturday, this limited edition bottle is the standard of excellence.

Lads & Lasses, raise your glasses. Irish football is back!

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Experience game day in every sip…

☘️ 🍢🥃 So here’s the deal:

Every week leading up to GameDay, we will release a limited supply of each opponent’s individual GameDay bottle (133 bottles will be crafted because it’s the 133rd season of ND football). Individual bottles are priced at $49.99 and will be made available up until kickoff, or while supplies last. We will drop the FSU bottle this Sunday. The season collection is currently discounted at $39.99 per bottle if purchased as part of the 12-game limited edition set, and can be picked up or shipped to you all at once.

To summarize, you have the option to purchase each week’s GameDay Bottle a la carte during their respective game week OR now in the collection set. Same deal, 133 collection sets are made available until supplies last.