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Legion of the Leprechaun® unites Notre Dame enthusiasts, valuing diverse stories and backgrounds. We foster inclusivity, belonging, and respect, extending beyond game days. Our community lives Notre Dame’s legacy through camaraderie and shared experiences.

Member Experiences

Uncover the heart of our community through the personal journeys and stories of our members. This section vividly highlights the unique encounters, profound emotions, and transformative moments shared by those who’ve become part of our vibrant network. Each story sheds light on the deep connections and lasting impact our community has on individuals, celebrating the diverse paths that have intertwined within the Legion of the Leprechaun®.

Scott Babcock
Scott BabcockLegion Member | 3 Years
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"Great source for information and conversation with like minded fans. Good debate without trolls and instigators. Social aspect unrivaled by any other group, from group merchandise to face to face get togethers on a regular basis. The Legion is an online version of an olden days fan club that met weekly. 10 / 10 on the quality scale. GO IRISH!"
Tim O'Neill
Tim O'NeillLegion Member | 4 Years
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"It’s a family of like minded fans. The tailgating is excellent for everyone from first timers to lifelong South Bend residents. We went to our first White Field tailgate a couple years ago and were welcomed immediately. We returned again this year and met all the friends that we made."
James JT Harrell
James JT Harrell Legion Member | 4 Years
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"I Love the Legion of the Leprechaun! Such a great family! I love the brother and sisterhood of the Legion. You always make me and my family and friends feel welcome with open arms! I believe that through the Legion family, I've made friends for a lifetime. Keep on Keeping on Legion. Thank you for everything you do for us Notre Dame fans!"
Jerry Karkiewicz
Jerry KarkiewiczLegion Member | 8 Years
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"Legion of the Leprechaun is what sportsmanship is all about. These kids who are playing for our beloved ND need our support through both our wins and losses. My kids and I met some of the Legion at the blue and gold game, and they treated us like family. This is what it’s all about coming together from all walks of life to do one thing and support our favorite team. Go IRISH!"
Andy Basso
Andy BassoLegion Member | 3 Years
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"By far the best ND group out there. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people that all share a common love for the Irish but also isn’t filled with all the constant complainers and negativity! But the best part about this group is how welcoming they are when you meet them in person at the Legion tailgates! My wife and I are both new to the group but they have welcomed us in and we have found our spot at every game going forward! Hope to see some new faces at the NC tailgate and Go Irish!"
Cody Copeland
Cody CopelandLegion Member | 5 Years
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"The coolest thing to me about Legion of the Leprechaun is how they have gone nationwide! I'm down in Texas so I don't get to interact with a whole lot of fan base. Legion has provided me that opportunity! I'm forever grateful to be apart of the group!"
Justin Guernsey
Justin GuernseyLegion Member | 5 Years
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"I love this group. The fact you expect members to follow the rules and guidelines and enforce said rules is refreshing. It gets old constantly reading nothing but negativity and coach bashing. I understand opinions differ but being able to discuss these differences, and not belittle one another, is nice. Being able to read about all things Notre Dame is GREAT!! Keep up the good work!"
Sonia Torres
Sonia TorresLegion Member | 5 Years
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"I love the fact that everyone on this page is so positive and supportive of our IRISH! I have been a fan for well over 50 years. I’ve been through the ups and downs and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to interact with other fans that love Notre Dame as much as I do. The fact that we can all celebrate together just makes my heart happy."
Julie Winner-Aguilar
Julie Winner-AguilarLegion Member | 4 Years
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"I have been an ND fan since the womb lol! This page is BY FAR the best, most positive, encouraging, real page I have ever been a part of in my many years on Facebook. I say that honestly and truly. Not only do we support our Irish, but we support eachother, without even ever knowing anyone on a personal level. Not for me anyway. The amount of genuine care and love we have for each other as Notre Dame fans is astounding to me and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a wonderful group! We are not only Leprechauns, but WE ARE NOTRE DAME! And as always, GO IRISH!"
Laurie Reiners McFadden
Laurie Reiners McFaddenLegion Member | 5 Years
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"This is a group of loyal ND fans who live and support the spirit of ND. It’s more than a fan page. It’s about all ND athletics and sharing opinions and experiences in respectful ways. It’s about family, supporting one another as we have a common denominator. I have made lifelong friends, prayed for members I never met and rejoiced in the birth of new babies born to the ND family. The administrators are fair and consistent in controlling what is posted, which makes this THE BEST group to follow and be part of. If you want to be part of something unique, respectful and full of ND love, there is nothing better than LEGION!"

Legacy of the Legion

Discover the roots of Legion of the Leprechaun as Founder Jason M. Wood recounts his Notre Dame fandom and the community’s beginnings on the Zorich Podcast. Hosted by 1988 National Champion and former NFL player Chris Zorich, this audio clip offers an intimate look into the passion that ignited our vibrant community..

Our Strength

Our Strength lies in our vast network of Notre Dame followers, a dedicated private membership, and a decade of unwavering support and community building, celebrating ten years of unity and passion for Notre Dame.

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Our Mission

Legion of the Leprechaun® is the go-to for Notre Dame fans, offering engaging experiences online and offline. We enhance interaction with social media, tailgates, and watch parties, fueled by our passion for Notre Dame football.

Our mission is to bridge the gap and connect Irish fans from the four corners of Irish Nation.

Why Join Us

Join us for an exclusive experience where passionate Notre Dame fans connect. Enjoy member-only tailgates, watch parties, and a positive, uplifting community. It’s more than just a fan club; it’s a network of friendships and a hub of spirited Notre Dame camaraderie.

  • Exclusive Community Access: Connect with passionate Notre Dame fans in a dedicated community, enriched with exclusive content and shared enthusiasm.
  • Positive Environment: Immerse in a respectful, positive atmosphere that enhances enjoyable and supportive fan interactions.
  • Tailgates and Watch Parties: Enjoy vibrant tailgates and watch parties, fostering memorable experiences and bonds among Notre Dame supporters.
  • Networking and Friendships: Beyond a fan club, it’s a network for building friendships and connections, united by the love for Notre Dame.

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Get more involved with Legion of the Leprechaun® and join our vibrant Notre Dame fan community. Connect with us on various social platforms to stay updated on events, share your Notre Dame stories, and engage with fellow fans. Be a part of our watch parties, tailgates, and discussions that bring Notre Dame enthusiasts closer. Follow us, join the conversation, and deepen your everlasting connection with the Notre Dame spirit.